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Bajji Flour 200g

34.00 28.90

Bajji is a favorite deep fried snack enjoyed during evening breaks. Bajji is a crunchy snack made with vegetable inside and crispy layer outside. Bajji flour is a blend of besan flour, rice flour, salt, chilli powder and asafoetida. Try out the New Ramana’s Bajji flour to make your crunchy bajji recipe instantly. In our flour product, all the essential ingredients are mixed in appropriate quantity so as to give the best flavor and taste. Our exclusive product can be used to make Bajji as well as Bonda within no time.


Puttu Flour 500g

42.00 35.70

Puttu is a traditional breakfast recipe and also a tasty evening snack of South India. Ramana’s Puttu flour is prepared from the supremely mechanized process so as to prepare soft rolls of Puttu. Make delicious Puttu instantly with our healthy and pure Puttu flour. You can serve the scrumptious Puttu hot with the grated Coconut and sugar.


Red Rice Puttu 500g

65.00 55.25

Red Rice puttu is an authentic and healthy breakfast of South India. Ramana’s Red rice Puttu flour is made from the clean, husked and hygienically processed red rice. With our product, you can make the delicious rolls of Puttu instantly within 10 minutes. Cook with Ramana’s to have a stomachful and healthy breakfast with your entire family.