Energy Flour 200g

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Health is the precious and incomparable possession owned by us. Value your health and enhance your body by consuming the best of the good foods. Ramana’s Health Mix is the best suited nutritional health supplement for all age groups especially for children. This purely natural product contains the fifteen essential nutrients that helps you in balancing the nutritional requirements of the body. Every ingredient is added in appropriate proportion so as to maintain nutritional stability with no side effects at all. Intake our Health drink regularly to attain Instant Energy and complete replenishment of Iron, Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals. Some key advantages of our product are that it prevents urinary infections and acts as a pain remover for women during menstrual time. Ramana’s Health drink stands to be the best replacement for beverages and helps you to gain extra energy & Memory power at ease.

Why Ramana’s Health Mix?

  • Ramana’s Health Mix is an astonishing food, that is packed with minerals, vitamins, an amazing amount of protein ,Energy , Carbohydrates and dietary fibre.
  • Makes kids stronger and healthier.
  • This can be a best break fast ever.
  • Natural food. No Preservatives.
  • Good for all age groups starting from 8 months baby.


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